We spend way to much time together...


We started Odd Socks Society in 2016, since then we have spent time developing our particular style of wedding photography, expanding our music videography and meeting enchanting individuals! We love what we do and love even more that we are able to work together. 

Our ability to work so well together started back in our uni days when we were both studying photography at rival institutions. We were both working at a small bar in Richmond when we met, the novelty of us both studying in the same field certainly brought us closer together. 

Image by Andrew Hardy

Image by Andrew Hardy

After we graduated in 2014/2015 we spent a great deal of time working on our own personal projects and freelancing. We would work together helping each other out and sharing the work. It made more sense for us to create a company that represented the two of us as a collective, and here we are. 

Q & A


What are your rates? 

Our prices vary depending on the wedding you are having. Weddings, like people, come all different shapes and sizes. We prefer to get a good understanding of what coverage you are after, the location of the wedding and if you want both photo and video? 

So when you send through your first enquiry email make sure you include all the basic information so we can get back to you with some pricing options.

What's your booking process?

Get in contact with us! Email is the first step to booking. Once we have a good idea of what you are after we will settle on the perfect package. I'm also always happy to chat over the phone or
in person! We love to meet our clients for coffee/wine... perhaps a shot of absinth, depending how stressful the planning is going? From there we will send you a contract and an invoice. Once the deposit is paid, hey presto we are yours! 

Do you capture us getting ready?

This depends on the package you choose. 

We tend to start the day capturing the wedding parties getting ready when possible. We do this because these are often the most looked over part of the day. Intimate moments and beautiful interactions are happening between the wedding party / family and we love to be there to capture those moments.


What is a first look?

Many couples are now opting to see each other before the aisle. Thus termed as a first look. This is a great opportunity to get additional intimate footage of the two of you together without friends or family distracting you. 


Do you travel?

Yes we travel! We love to travel!

There is a small travel fee applied to weddings over an hour out of Melbourne CBD. Accommodation must be provided to weddings over 2 hours outside of Melbourne CBD.  Airfare and accommodation must be provided for interstate and international weddings.