Sunil & Varenya

A three day event, bringing all their closest friends and family together in celebration. Traditional and non-traditional Varenya and Sunil created something truly special to their love and the love of those closest to them.



The matrimonial celebrations began first with a Henna night, intricate patterns are adorned on hands and arms and delicious food is shared, then the boys arrive with lots of joking and laughing before the Bride and Groom to be, are allowed to see each other again. Colour flies around, more food and a few cheeky party games are underway, this wedding has only just begun.


Now that everyone is good and warmed up for the wedding, we find ourselves at the Old Treasury Building, it’s time for a registry! Once again, Varenya & Sunil are surround by their many close family and friends, it seems that there is no way they are doing any of this on their own, and why should they have to? Sharing love between two people is also about the love of the people around you, there is a light in the eyes of those watching on as Varenya & Sunil embark on the next part of their lives together and it burns stronger in each person present. The legalities are signed and signed again before everybody heads out into the gardens for a stroll.


Saturday rolls around, the sun burns bright in the sky and the real party is about to begin. Today we find ourselves at Stones of The Yarra Valley, under the big tree. Yueni and Praveen, two of the closest and dearest to the soon to be husband and wife. Although the official and legal side of the nuptials are already taken care of, there is something in the air as Varenya and Sunil take each others hands under The Big Tree, everything is here is 100 percent full of their love for each other, something that makes you grin like a big idiot behind your camera. The ceremony is sealed with a shy kiss and followed by a charming piano performance courtesy of Paul, another close friend of Sunil’s, A cascading piece composed just for the newly married couple (you can hear part of it at the beginning of their video) enraptures the gathered parties before everyone heads outside to throw petals over the newlyweds as they exit the chapel truly happy and truly married. From there on the party is what all parties should be, fresh and delicious cocktails and canapés, A hearty meal and a solid dance floor. Speeches are made, tears fall down cheeks and some