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Siobhan & Rich

In the name of Peace, Love & Rock n Roll

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Adam & Chris

May the 4th be with you

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Hannah & Ivanco

Here’s looking at you kid


what the heck is odd socks society??

We are Storm and Xavier, unique in name and in spirit! We’re a couple of loved up creatives who love nothing more than working together. Both of us are from a photographic background but Storm’s passion for creating films has fast tracked us into the world of videography. We are now a photo / video duo with a down to earth, documentary style approach to the craft. Odd Socks Society is the name we have bestowed upon ourselves. Originally thought up by Xave’s amazement with Storms inability to match her socks on a day to day basis. But i mean who has time for that anyway? The business name has developed into so much more then a silly in-joke. Our clients past, present and future are apart of our lives and us theirs. To be invited into our couples world to document pure emotion on such a day that will be re-lived for generations is a privilege that we cherish.

Not just a pretty face.



  • Head Photographer & Photo editor extraordinaire

  • Has an intense passion for music and an extensive record collection

  • Loves his coffee percolator

  • Tall



  • Head Videographer & video editor extraordinaire

  • Has an intense passion for animals and thinks her cat is human

  • Loves drinking tea, all day, everyday

  • Short

We spend way to much time together!

We decided to create Odd Socks Society in 2016 so that our work was represented as a collective under one platform. In a space of a few short years we have been able to not only grow our business but out skills. We have met the most enchanting humans from all over Australia and our work has taken us to magical lands such as New Zealand, South Africa, Fiji and soon Europe. Our ability to work so well together started back in our uni days when we were both studying photography at rival institutions. We were both working at a small bar when we met, the novelty of us both studying in the same field certainly brought us closer together. It only took a few months for us to become inseparable and 5 years later, here we are. Some may say we spend to much time together but we believe we have an extraordinary ability to love, live and work together and that’s something we both treasure in one another.